This equipment is used for the winter pruning/shredding of the vineyards grown in espalier at low spurred cordon, to eliminate all seasonal vegetation, now become woody, above the fruit bearing cordon between the support wires of the row: this allows a final spare of 70/80% on labour costs.

- Pre-pruning machine consisting of 8 pairs of cutting discs (working capacity 60 / 70 cm approximately) on hydraulic double columns (possibility of inserting pairs of discs).

- Hydraulic block with valves and flow divider

- Electrical control for the emergency opening of the cages

- Lateral position adjustment (mechanical translation)

- Special chassis with hydraulic movements: lifting and inclination

  (possibility of fitting trimmer and defoliator)

Anchoring plate and support trestle for machine at rest

The roller pruning unit consists of a lopping retractor operating over the poles with electro-hydraulic rapid control. The cutting discs can be positioned depending on your type of plant (easily demountable spacers).

Adjustable retractor depending on the type of poles used.


For further information you can download the complete catalogue of the Cutting pre-pruning bar.



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