Mounted fixed or on the front hoister, the Solaris model defoliator with counter-rotating rollers is equipped with two opposite rollers for the sucking and detachment of the leaves. The equipment does not need any mechanical cutting bar; a simple radial sucking element produces the necessary quantity of air that for the temporary attachment of the leaves on the roller with holes and then their detachment from the shoots without any shock to the plant and hurts to the fruits

The technical feature differentiating the quality of the is machine form all other models, even the similar ones, consists in the treatment of the leaves since with this equipment they are sucked and softly removed without obstructing and/or clogging the whole sucking unit.

A special oscillating optional device performs the overturning of the defoliator by over 180°, this movement is useful to work in both direction on the side of the row exposed to the North (side in shadow).

The standard chassis hosting the defoliator features three hydraulic movements allowing the use of the machine on any type of vineyard.

It is possible to mount only the defoliating unit on any type of chassis for trimmer with a remarkable saving on the purchase costs.

For further information you can download the complete catalogue of the Defoliator.


Defogliatrice a rulli controrotanti mod
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