The bilateral hydraulic Bar, Flying Killer model, is equipped with articulated frame for a rapid and comfortable assembly on the front part of the tractor. The various controls and electro-hydraulic movements (electrical distributor with 4 independent functions) listed below are easily controlled by the operator driving the tractor:

electrical control box (with levers or joystick – option)

left/right hood delivery

inclination of the left/right bar arm (from 0°, closed, to max 115°, opened)

left/right lateral approach (stroke L 0,30 m)

total stop to the distribution

 The nozzles are the essential parts for the functioning of this machine; they are mounted on the distribution bars and have the function to bear the pressure fluid sent by the pump, forming drops of small sizes (two each side).

Near the nozzle the drop stop devices prevent the dripping of the liquid when the  distribution is stopped (they open at 0.6 bar)


They are protected through an anti-shock plastic hood and the arm on which it is anchored features a  safety articulation (mechanical with spring, with charge regulation) with the function to move around the poles and the vines without damaging them.


For further information you can download the complete catalogue of the Inter-Row weed-killing machine

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