The weed removing blade is the ecological alternative to the chemical weeding, thanks to it in fact the grass deteriorates in a natural way and operating between the plants is dramatically facilitated, without altering the profile of the soil.


The equipment consists of a special blade that is constantly maintained in its working position (at 90° approx.) by means of a hydraulic-mechanical system.


It enables destroying the weeds, lifting the roots of thegrass from the soil and toretract rapidlyevery time it goes in contact withthe trunk of the vine or the support pole thanks to the sensitiveness of the feeler.


After overcoming the obstacle the blade restarts its work rapidly.


The feeler of the Blade has been updated with innovating techniques; thanks to a new valve the sensitiveness while moving past the plants has been improved; the speed of the retraction and itis also possible to operate on difficult and particularly hard soils easily.


Thanks to its peculiar structure the “Rapid Lam” assembly can be mounted rapidly on suitable frames of our production, to be positioned on the rear, front or lateral hoist indifferently, or in lateral or bilateral version (right/left).


Besides the blade of two sizes (L = 350 / 500 mm), it is possible to mount a special ploughshare.


On the blades it is possible to mount two or three crushers, according to the length, to separate the roots of the grass from the soil.


The working depth (max. 6/7 cm) is obtained by means of a mechanicallyor hydraulically (on demand) adjustable wheel.


Besides on the final part of the blade it is possible to insert a small overturning ploughshare.


The frame is equipped withtwo hydraulic movements for the positioning:  


*lateral displacement about 0.60 m


*hydraulic inclination ± 30%


*wheel for the regulation of the working depth, hydraulic version on demand


*hydraulic mechanical distributor with mechanical 3-function joystick with flow divider


*electro-hydraulic distributor

*electro-hydraulic control (emergency button for rapid blade/ploughshare return)



For further information you can download the complete catalogue of the Inter-Row weed-killing machine

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