“RapidLam” with tunnel-shaped frame

The blade operating between the vines is the ecological alternative to chemical weeding; in fact thanks to these blades the weeds are destroyed and decay in a natural way making the maintenance of the soil around the vine stocks easy. The equipment consists of a special blade constantly maintained in its working position (at 90° approximately) through an hydraulic-mechanical system.

It allows destroying the weeds, lifting the roots of the weeds from the soil and drawing back rapidly every time it gets in contact with the vine stock or the support pole. After overcoming the obstacle the blade returns rapidly to its working position.

Thanks to its special structure the blade for work between the vines can be mounted with a rapid connection and fitted on the front or rear part, on the unilateral or bilateral axle base of the tractor

The chassis is equipped with two hydraulic movements for the positioning 

-   Lateral displacement of about 0,60 cm

 Hydraulic inclination of ±30%

-  Mechanical hydraulic distributor with 3-function mechanical joystick with flow divider

For further information you can download the complete catalogue of the Weed Removing Blade.

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