Hydraulic Shoot Remover - mod. Rotoflex


Hydraulic Shoot Removing unit for vineyards: the ideal tool for the soft removal of the shoots from the trunk of the vines and the weed growing under the rows.

This unit was designed to be mounted on the suitable frame, both on the front of the tractor and on the side in single (or double) version with a special flange or on the universal rear hoister of any tractor with rear connection.

In the picture, it is presented with a specific frame for the front assembly on tractor without hoisters.

The same frame can also support the “RapidLam13” Inter-row Blade using a coulter or a disc (digging out   and/or covering the foot of the plant).

The most interesting feature of the equipment is that it supports two rapidly interchangeable shoot removing shafts. This exclusive feature allows the complete cleaning of the plant and the soil under the rows without using chemicals.

In fact, one of the shafts is equipped with heavy rubber whips – flat-shaped, forked and rounded at the ends with rapid “push&pull” connection and disconnection system – and this allows optimizing the spring intervention with young grass and a big quantity of shoots, while the second one, smaller aluminium roll bearing round nylon whips of small dimension, is aggressive enough on the grass to better remove the   weed in summer and the few shoots remained after the first passage.

This configuration of the shoot remover allows operating on vineyards with both strong weeds and shoots in big quantity during the whole vegetation stage of the vines without damaging or shocking the plant. This is obtained also thanks to an “oil control” system for the rotation speed regulation depending on the type of shredding shaft used and the conditions of the weeds at the moment of the intervention.


For further information you can download the complete catalogue of the Hydraulic Shoot remover.

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